HC Deb 23 November 1882 vol 274 c1923

asked the Secretary of State for India, Whether, with reference to the reply given by the British Government to the Austrian Ambassador's representations on the case of Silbiger versus the Maharaja of Jeypore, high English and Indian legal opinion has been submitted to the India Office to the effect that "the so called award, if judged by the standard and principles of English Law, is invalid;" and to the further effect that "the so called arbitration does not seem to have been conducted in a judicial mode;" and, if so, whether the British Government is still able to rely on the so called arbitration as a ground for refusing the inquiry asked for by the Austrian Ambassador?


Legal opinions to the effect stated by the hon. Member have been submitted to the India Office; but I have had no opportunity of seeing the statement of facts upon which they are based. All the facts connected with the arbitration were before the Government of India and the Secretary of State for India in Council when the case was under consideration. I have, therefore, nothing to add to the answer which I gave to the Question of the hon. Member on the subject on the 31st of July last—namely, that I saw no reason for re-opening the case.