HC Deb 23 November 1882 vol 274 cc1907-8

asked the Vice President of the Council, Whether the report is correct that placards have been exhibited upon some of the Board Schools in Birmingham, soliciting votes for certain candidates in the forthcoming election for the School Board; and, whether he considers that to be a proper use for buildings erected and maintained out of the rates?


I have received no complaint from Birmingham on the subject of the hon. Member's Question; but an inquiry which I addressed to the Chairman of the School Board has elicited the following reply from Mr. George Dixon, who was for several years a highly-respected Member of this House:— In reply to your note of yesterday, I have been told that placards of the kind referred to have been posted on one of our Board Schools; but it has been done without the knowledge or sanction of the Board, and the caretakers on a former similar occasion were told to have the placard washed off. I object to our walls being so made use of, and shall again bring the subject before the Buildings Committee, and hope that some remedy may be devised. This entirely exonerates the Birmingham School Board; and I take this opportunity of expressing my opinion that all schools aided by Government grants should be held strictly neutral in election contests.