HC Deb 11 November 1882 vol 274 c1634

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, If it is a fact that, after the arrest of Herr Most on March 30th 1881, the police seized the following articles, the property of Herr Most, at his publishing office in Great Titchfield Street, viz.: three pages of the "Freiheit" (set up type), 20,000 handbills, 1,000 copies of an 80 paged book "Tactic contra Freiheit," 100 photographs (portraits of private friends), and sundry manuscripts; and, if it is a fact that these articles are still retained by the police, notwithstanding that Herr Most, now released, has formally and repeatedly demanded their return both at Scotland Yard and at the Home Office; and, if so, will he state to the House the Law under which he retains possession of these articles?


in reply, said, the practice in such cases was, that upon the arrest of any person, any property found in his possession which it was supposed might be required at the trial, was taken possession of by the police and detained; and that, when such person was released on the expiration of his sentence, the property was returned to him, unless there was some valid reason to the contrary. That would be done in the case referred to, and, accordingly, the greater part, but not all, of the articles mentioned would be returned.