HC Deb 25 May 1882 vol 269 cc1613-4

asked the Prime Minister whether he could give the House any information as to the conduct of Public Business?


The right hon. Gentleman has only anticipated what I was about to say, because I was, in fact, pledged to do it. I have made the best inquiries in my power with reference to the convenience of Gentlemen belonging to all sections of the House. What I find is that a very large number of Members have as usual, quite naturally, made their arrangements for removal from town for a few days. The effect of that will be that I am obliged to abandon the intention to ask the House to sit on the days customarily appropriated to the Holidays; because, although it might be possible to make a House through the exertions of the Government, it would not be possible to make such a House as ought to be in attendance to consider a Bill of the extreme importance of the Prevention of Crime Bill. I am bound to say that I am very much influenced in having come to that conclusion by the fact, which I am very glad to admit, that, although there has been a good deal of discussion on this important Bill, I do not think there has been anything of which we can fairly complain as Obstructive discussion. I have great confidence that that may continue; at any rate, I will not anticipate the reverse. I propose, therefore, that we shall have a Morning Sitting to-morrow, and adjourn at 7 o'clock until Thursday in next week, making all the progress we can with the Prevention of Crime Bill between the present time and to-morrow at 7, and hoping that we may get into Committee on the Prevention of Crime Bill in the course of this evening.


Does the right hon. Gentleman propose to go on with the Prevention of Crime Bill as the first Order on Thursday next?


Yes, I think so. I think that is the proper course to be pursued. I will at the proper time ask for a Morning Sitting at 2 o'clock tomorrow.


asked that, inasmuch as many hon. Members had to return to town from a considerable distance, the Prevention of Crime Bill might not be taken on Thursday.


said, he was, reluctantly, compelled to state that he could not answer this request in the affirmative. It would be their duty to proceed with the Bill on Thursday next.