HC Deb 15 May 1882 vol 269 cc664-5

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether Captain Dugmore, late of the 64th Regiment, is now confined in Tullamore Gaol for not giving securities for good behaviour; whether he is still in the receipt of half-pay; and, whether, having regard to Captain Dugmore's recent conduct, he intends to recommend Her Majesty to have his name removed from the Army? The hon. and gallant Baronet also asked, Whether the attention of the right hon. Gentleman has been drawn to the remarks of the Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, reported in the "Times" on Saturday, when refusing to grant a writ of certiorari, applied for in order that the indictment against Captain Dugmore for inciting the people not to pay rent might be quashed?


Sir, before the right hon. Gentleman answers the Question, I would like to ask him whether he has heard that the reason of Captain Dug- more's refusal to give security in this case is, that it would amount to an admission that he had cemmitted some crime?


Sir, I can give no information as to the Question of the hon. Member for Wexford (Mr. Healy). As to the other Question, it is true that Captain Dugmore is now confined in Tullamore Gaol. He is not in receipt of half pay, having retired from the Army in July last; but he has been since that date in receipt of retired pay as a retired officer. This, however, has now been suspended; and I am at present in communication with the Irish Government as to the proper course to be pursued towards him. Until I received the hon. and gallant Baronet's letter yesterday, I had not read the statement in The Times newspaper on which the hon. and gallant Baronet founds the latter part of his Question. Of course, the Government would not act on newspaper reports, but on official information.