HC Deb 15 May 1882 vol 269 c661

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Whether he can now inform the House what progress has been made in providing for the case of those clerks and officers in Her Majesty's Customs who are affected by the reorganization now being carried out in that Department; whether, terms of retirement having been offered to and accepted by most of the older members of the Clerical Staff, it is intended to offer similar terms to members of the Outdoor Department; and, whether, as it is reported that the high posts have been offered to redundant clerks in such a way as to place them over the heads of members of the Outdoor Staff senior in standing, some assurance can be given that the rights to promotion of the Outdoor Staff will not be prejudiced by the changes now in progress?


Sir, the arrangements for providing for the displaced clerks are now nearly complete, and the new system will be introduced on June 1. There is no intention of offering special terms of retirement to the Outdoor Department, as no reason exists for so doing. The prospect of members of the Outdoor Department have certainly not been injured by the change, as the places to which they can be promoted have been increased in the same proportion, roughly speaking, as the class from which they are promoted.