HC Deb 12 May 1882 vol 269 cc558-9

Will the Government be able to tell us what Business will be taken on Monday?


On Monday, Sir, we propose to go forward with the Corrupt Practices Bill and the Ballot Act (Continuance) Bill. I hope, also, to be able to introduce on Monday a Bill dealing with the question of arrears in Ireland. This would be done by my right hon. Friend the newly-appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland, should he be in his place; but I am not aware that he can be back in his place so soon, and in his absence it will be done by myself or some other Member of the Government. No one, I take it, will wish to obstruct the Bill in its initial stage, and, indeed, I hope, in none of its stages. At any rate, the field of the subject not being very large, the statement of particulars will not be a lengthened statement, and, therefore, I should hope to bring the Bill in on Monday night, after the House has disposed of the principal Orders of the Day.


asked what the right hon. Gentleman proposed to do with the Customs and Inland Revenue Bill and the Procedure Rules? Would either of these be taken in the course of next week?


With respect to the Customs and Inland Revenue Bill, and to the Resolution relating to Parliamentary Procedure, I consider that both of them are for the moment displaced by the urgency of Irish Business. Neither of those subjects will be taken in the course of next week; but I will then endeavour to give the House some further information as to the course which we intend to follow.


When will the Prevention of Crime (Ireland) Bill be printed and circulated among hon. Members?


The Secretary of State for the Home Department, who is not in his place at this moment, was most anxious that the Bill should be circulated to-morrow, and he hoped that it would be. My information is not absolutely original, but I understand that the circulation of the Bill may be as late as Monday.