HC Deb 11 May 1882 vol 269 c457

asked Mr. Solicitor General for Ireland, Whether his attention has been called to the following paragraph which appeared in the "Morning Post" of May 9th:— Outrages by, 'Moonlighters.'—Three shots were on Saturday night fired into the bedroom of the Rev. John Gilmour, a Presbyterian minister and a landlord, residing near Omagh, who has had disputes with his tenants. Mr. Gilmour escaped uninjured. This is the first attempt at agrarian murder in Tyrone. Another 'Moonlight' outrage is reported from Coachford, Cork. It appears that on Saturday night four shots were fired into Derreen House, the residence of Miss Crooke. The shots were fired into the bedroom of Mr. Simon Crooke, who had remained up reading. The shutters were not closed, and the ruffians must have fired from a height, as the shot was lodged in the bedclothes and door; and, whether anyone is in custody for these outrages?


I have communicated with the Constabulary authorities in Ireland in reference to these outrages. I find that in the case of the Rev. John Gilmour the matter has been a little exaggerated. One shot was actually fired, but no one was injured; and it is clear there was no attempt at murder, though there was at intimidation. In the case of Miss Crooke, three or four shots were fired into her house. In each case the police have made every endeavour to discover the perpetrators; but, so far, without success.