HC Deb 09 May 1882 vol 269 c374

Order for Second Reading read.


said, that, as far as he was personally concerned, he was most anxious to proceed with the second reading; but it was only right he should state that several Members, and especially the right hon. Member for East Gloucestershire (Sir Michael Hicks-Beach) had communicated with him, and had asked that Notice should be given before the Bill was brought on; and he had informed them that Notice would be given. But for that fact, he should have been very glad to go on with the Bill at once.


said, he thought it would have been a very hard thing if this Bill had been pressed on; but he would have been quite prepared to find the Bill moved, as the Ballot Act Continuance Amendment Bill had been. He knew the honour of the hon. and learned Gentleman, and therefore did not think he would, on this occasion, proceed with it in the face of any opposition; but it was a fair commentary on what the Government had, in the earlier part of the proceedings, shown itself capable of doing.

Second Reading deferred till Monday next.