HC Deb 04 May 1882 vol 269 cc86-7

asked the Postmaster General, Whether he has been able to consider fully, as promised, the position of the persons employed as letter-carriers, and likewise of those engaged as auxiliary letter-carriers, with reference to their pay and other circumstances affecting their condition?


Sir, in reply to my hon. Friend the Member for Finsbury (Mr. W. M. Torrens), I have to state that I am now, and have been for some time, in communication with the Treasury on the subject to which he refers, and I hope shortly to be able to give effect to the decision which may be arrived at.


asked the Postmaster General, Whether, since the Financial Statement for the current year was made, he has communicated with Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer as to the source from which the Letter Carriers and Auxiliary Letter Carriers of the United Kingdom are to derive the increase of their pay?


Sir, in reply to my hon. Friend the Member for Poole (Mr. Schreiber), I have to state that any money that may be necessary to apply to the purpose to which he refers will, no doubt, have to be provided by a subvention in the form of a Supplementary Estimate.