HC Deb 04 May 1882 vol 269 cc94-5

asked the Lord Advocate, Whether he has seen the report of the debate in the Glasgow Town Council last Monday, as reported in the "Daily Mail" of Tuesday 25th April, and does his latest information show that the Lord Provost of Glasgow directed Captain M'Call to send the police to Syke; and, would he state whether the Inverness Police had revolvers? He would also ask, As it appears by the words of the Glasgow Police Act, quoted on the Town Council debate, that the Chief Constable has the power to send away the police of Glasgow to any part of the Kingdom without the consent or authority of Lord Provost, Magistrates, or Corporation, does he intend to take steps to have such authority taken from the Chief Constable and restored to the representation of the Corporation of Glasgow?


Sir, I have not seen the report in the newspapers; but according to my information the police were sent on the requisition of the Sheriff of Inverness, addressed to the Chief Constable of Glasgow Police, in terms of the 90th section of the Glasgow Police Act. The Sheriff had previously communicated with, the Lord Provost, and obtained his consent. The Inverness Police did not carry revolvers. They had no weapons except their ordinary batons.