HC Deb 01 May 1882 vol 268 cc1811-2

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If, as President of the Local Government Board, he is aware that Mr. Gaskin, of Newtownboswell, Ashford, county Wicklow, has memorialized the Board, complaining of the conduct of the clerk of Rathdrum Union, in his capacity of returning officer, at the late election of guardian for the electoral division of Killosky, in that Union, and asking for a scrutiny of the votes; whether Mr. Gaskin had a large majority of the votes of rated occupiers, but was defeated by proxy votes; whether the validity of many of such votes was questioned by Mr. Gaskin, but, no professional agent being present on behalf of the rated occupiers to press the objections, all the proxy votes were admitted; whether, at the election for the adjoining electoral division of Wicklow, where a professional agent was employed, a large number of proxy votes were presented, and were objected to; whether the returning officer asserted they were all right, and wanted to record them; but, the objector insisting on examining them, many were rejected, being irregular, and the other candidate was returned; whether the Local Government Board have, on the ex parte statement of the officer whose conduct is impugned, refused Mr. Gaskin the inquiry sought for; and, whether, in justice to the rated occupiers, he will cause a strict investigation to be made into the circumstances of the case?


in reply, said, it was the case that Mr. Gaskin had memorialized the Local Government Board; and the latter, having made inquiry into the matter, were satisfied with the explanation of the Returning Officer. In the absence of evidence in support of Mr. Gaskin's statements, they did not think further inquiry necessary.