HC Deb 30 March 1882 vol 268 cc303-4

asked the Vice President of the Council, with reference to the proposed cattle market and abattoirs at Crewe, Would the Privy Council refuse their sanction to cattle being sent to Crewe for sale or slaughter from any or all of the following places, viz., Canada, Ireland, Spain, France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, or from any other places that have power to send cattle for similar purposes to Salford, Wakefield, Islington, and all other inland markets; and if there is any reason to suppose that the proposed Crewe Cattle Market and Abattoirs Company, which is expected to confer a great boon on Cheshire and the surrounding counties, will be treated by the Privy Council in any way different to the places mentioned above and all all other similar places throughout the kingdom; and, will he answer the question as fully as he can, as the previous question and answer has created a good deal of false alarm and is prejudicing the proposed Company?


Sir, the former Question by the hon. Member for West Cheshire (Mr. H. Tollemache) referred to foreign animals only. The present relates to home and foreign animals together. Animals from Ireland are not under any restrictions excepting such as apply, for the time being, to home stock. Animals from Spain, France, and Holland can only be landed at a foreign animals' wharf, and cannot be moved there from alive, consequently they cannot be taken to Crewe for slaughter. Animals from Canada, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway can at present be landed at certain prescribed ports, and if passed as free from disease by the inspector of the port where they are landed, cease to be deemed foreign animals, and may be moved to any market in the same manner as home stock are moved. A market and abattoir at Crewe will not be treated on different principles from those which regulate the proceedings of the Privy Council in regard to other similar markets and slaughter-houses.