HC Deb 28 March 1882 vol 268 c146

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether it is true that Mr. Martin Hubon, now imprisoned under the Coercion Act in Enniskillen Gaol, is being treated by the prison doctor for an affection of the eyes, which puts his sight in danger; whether the Enniskillen Gaol is an old building, and the cell occupied by Mr. Hubon narrow and dark, with a high and very small window, causing a dimness injurious to a person suffering in the manner described; and, whether the Government will order the removal of Mr. Hubon to Kilmainham, where he will have facility for consulting an oculist competent to deal with his case?


, in reply, said, that he was informed that Mr. Martin Hubon had suffered from an affection of the eyes all his life; the cell in Enniskillen Gaol which he occupied was not narrow or dark, the windows being high and affording ample light; neither was it likely to be injurious to a person suffering from such an affection. He would take care that Mr. Hubon, in compliance with his request, should be removed to Kilmainham, where he would be able to consult a competent oculist.