HC Deb 27 March 1882 vol 268 cc20-1

asked Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, Whether his attention has been called to the following extract from the "Daily Express" of last week:— A deputation of the citizens waited on Judge Barry, at his lodgings, Barrington Street, Limerick, this morning, for the purpose of requesting his Lordship to use his influence with the Government to have Miss McCormack, a member of the Dublin Ladies' Land League, released from the County Prison, where she is detained on a waraant issued by Mr. Clifford Lloyd, special resident magistrate, in default of finding sureties of 'good behaviour;' Judge Barry, in reply, said that, as a judge, he could not interfere in any way whatever with the matter, and could not receive the deputation in his judicial capacity, but, as Charles Barry and a citizen of Limerick, he was always glad to see his fellow townsmen, and in that capacity alone he would use any private influence he had in forwarding the object of the deputation, and would write a private note to-day to the Chief Secretary, requesting, if it were possible to do so, that Miss McCormack should be released. The deputation thanked his Lordship for the courteous manner in which they were received, and withdrew; whether he had yet received the private note from the learned judge; and, if so, what answer has been returned?


The Question I am asked to answer is, I understand, whether a certain private note has been received by the Chief Secretary. That is a matter I cannot answer.


Will the Prime Minister state whether the Chief Secretary will be in his place at the Morning Sitting to-morrow, as that is one of the questions we are anxious should be considered before the Vote on Account is passed?


I have every reason to expect that the Chief Secretary will be in his place then.