HC Deb 27 March 1882 vol 268 cc15-6

asked the Secretary of State for India, If he could state to the House the reasons why the vacancy in the Indian Council, caused by the retirement of Sir Erskine Perry some months ago, has not been filled up; and, whether he has considered the suggestion that the Government of India could be just as well administered if there were no further addition made to the number of Councillors at present existing?


in reply, said, that he had stated, in answer to a Question the other day, that he did not think it desirable, and that the House would not consider it necessary, that he should enter into an explanation of the reasons why there had been a delay in filling up the resignation of Sir Erskine Perry. He could only repeat that the appointment would be shortly made, and he hoped within a few days. With reference to the latter part of the Question, he did not know by whom the suggestion had been made, nor did he think it necessary to state whether the number of 15 was absolutely necessary for conducting the affairs of the Government of India. The hon. Member must be aware that the number had been fixed by Act of Parliament, and he had no power to alter it.