HC Deb 27 March 1882 vol 268 cc7-8

asked the Secretary of State for India, Whether, in consideration of the recent abolition of Indian Import Duties on English cottons, the Government of India will urge upon the Home Government the propriety of reciprocally acting up to the principles of free trade, and abolishing the English Import Duties upon Indian tea, coffee, and other products?


I should be very glad, in the interest of the British consumer as well as of the Indian producer, if the Government could remove the duties, not only on Indian, but on all tea, coffee, and similar products. But I cannot admit that the fact that the Indian Government have been able to remit duties to the amount of more than£1,000,000 which pressed on the Indian consumer is any reason why I should ask the Government to reduce duties on Indian tea and coffee which are still levied on those articles coming from other countries and Colonies, and thus to establish a system of protection in favour of India.


gave Notice that, on an early day, he would call attention to the duties levied in this country on Indian products, and also to the manner in which Chinese tea was admitted duty free into India, while Indian tea was taxed on its admission to this country.