HC Deb 24 March 1882 vol 267 c1819

asked Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, Whether it is true that the Governor of Limerick Gaol stopped a letter written by Mr. M. Power (suspect) for saying, "if I was in Castleisland I would vote for Mr. Knight to be guardian;" and, if not, if he could state on what ground was the letter kept back; whether he is aware that the Limerick suspects complain that the pipes through their cells have not been heated for some time, although some of them have had to sleep in cells which were quite damp owing to being newly whitewashed; and, whether, as these gentlemen allege that it is quite useless bringing their complaints before the Governor, he will afford an independent inquiry into Mr. Eager's general treatment of prisoners?


Sir, the letter referred to in the first Question of the hon. Member was stopped not on the ground suggested in the Question, which is a statement of Mr. Power's, but because it was not confined to business or personal matters. There has been no such general complaint as suggested in the second Question of the hon. Member. One person did complain, but, as the Governor states, without grounds. As to the third Question, the Prisons Board have more than once made inquiries into complaints by the persons detained in this prison, and their Inspector will shortly be there again and investigate any complaints made to him.