HC Deb 24 March 1882 vol 267 cc1808-9

asked Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, Whether Patrick Murphy, of Kerry, has now been nearly ten months imprisoned under the Coercion Act, and has only once received notice of remand, at the end of the first three months; whether, immediately after the arrest of Patrick Murphy, the house in the occupation of his wife and children was burnt to the ground, by order of the agent of Lord Kenmare, Patrick Murphy's landlord; whether the Killarney magistrates, on the 28th ultimo, fined Mrs. Murphy 22s. for occupying a hut which had been put up to shelter herself and her children; whether Patrick Murphy applied for six days' release on parole, to provide a shelter for his family; whether the said parole was granted; and, whether, considering the length of imprisonment and the circumstances detailed, the Government will now order the release of Patrick Murphy?


Sir, the hon. Member asks me six Questions. As to the first, Patrick Murphy was arrested on the 23rd of May last, and has been since detained. His case was reconsidered every three months, and on each occasion the decision was certified to the Clerks of the Crown for Kerry and Dublin, in compliance with the provisions of the Statute. As to the second Question, the house was destroyed nine months before Murphy was arrested, and not after his arrest. As to the third Question, Lord Kenmare's property was trespassed on, and a hut built there by the Land League for Murphy's wife, who took possession of it, and was twice summoned for the trespass, convicted, and fined, in each case, 10s., with 2s. costs. Notwithstanding this, the trespass was persistently repeated; and she was, therefore, summoned a third time, convicted again, and committed in default of payment of the fine. As to the last three Questions, Murphy applied to be released on parole for 12 days, and his application is now before his Excellency. Of course, if the husband and wife have been arrested, the children are naturally deprived of the protection of their parents.


asked if the right hon. and learned Gentleman would have any objection to lay upon the Table a Return showing the number of tenement processes brought by Lord Kenmare against his tenants, and the number of houses burned down on the property?


could not see the exact utility of such a Return, but he would ask about it.