HC Deb 24 March 1882 vol 267 c1797

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—CIVIL SERVICES, Classes I., II., III., IV., V., VI., VII., AND REVENUE DEPARTMENTS.

PRIVATE BILL (by Order)—Third Reading—Lower Thames Valley Main Sewerage Board.

PUBLIC BILLS—OrderedFirst Reading—Duke of Albany (Establishment) * [112].

Second Reading—Partnerships [27].

Select Committee—Arklow Harbour [96], nominated; Bills of Exchange* [70], Mr. Asher, Mr. Orr Ewing, Mr. Armitstead, Sir Edmund Lechmere, and Mr. Gibson added.

Report—Drainage (Ireland) Provisional Order * [94]; Metropolitan Commons Supplemental * [92].

Third Reading—Consolidated Fund (No. 2), and passed.