HC Deb 23 March 1882 vol 267 cc1661-2

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether his attention has been drawn to the following statement from the Moscow Correspondent of the ''Daily Telegraph," and which appeared in that paper on Wednesday March 22nd,— Less than five days ago, 500 Jewish families were expelled from here. They were taken out of bed in the middle of the night, neither young, nor old, nor sick being spared, and driven Straight to the Railway station, and ordered to leave Moscow immediately. Even women who had recently been confined were thus torn away from their homes. There was no show of humanity or consideration of any kind; and no time was allowed for the victims of this cruel and arbitrary measure to dispose of their goods; and, whether Her Majesty's Government have received any confirmation of this statement from Her Majesty's Consul at Moscow; and, if not, whether Her Majesty's Government will instruct him to inquire into and report on the alleged outrages, and will place such report upon the Table of the House?


Sir, we have not heard of this particular outrage. We cannot undertake to call upon Her Majesty's Consuls by despatch to report specially on each outrage mentioned in any journal; but the Consuls themselves report them without being told to do so, and it is highly probable that we shall receive a Report if the circumstances occurred as stated.