HC Deb 23 March 1882 vol 267 c1657

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, If he will state the grounds upon which Mary Malinn was deprived of the office of postmistress to the district of Bohermeen, in the county of Meath, she having held that office for the last six years with the sanction of the Secretary to the Post Office, Ireland, no charge having ever been brought against her in her official capacity, her father having held the same office for a period of between thirty and forty years, and her brother being at present in the service of the Post Office; whether it is not the case that she had received certificates of character from her parish priest, and also from a neighbouring magistrate; and, whether any influence had been brought to bear on the Secretary of the Post Office, in order to have her removed from the said office, and, if so, the nature of such influence?


Sir, I can add very little on this subject to what was stated a few days ago by the Postmaster General. The post office in question was reported to the Treasury as being vacant by the death of John Malinn, and in due course the vacancy was filled by an appointment which was duly approved by the Post Office authorities. As regards the latter Question, I am unable to say what influence has been brought to bear on the Secretary of the post office; but, as I before stated, the vacancy was caused by the death of John Malinn, and the post office was never held by Mary Malinn.