HC Deb 17 March 1882 vol 267 cc1138-9

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, Whether, seeing that by the Naval regulations in case of shipwreck, an officer is allowed a certain sum, proportionate to his rank, to cover any loss of kit which he may have undergone, the Government will not grant a similar allowance to the representatives of the men whose lives were lost in the explosion of H. M. S. "Doterel?"


The Regulation to which the hon. Member refers states expressly that compensation for loss of kit is given— So far only as to enable officers and men to re-equip themselves for service. The third paragraph lays it down that— No claim will be admitted for losses incurred by officers or men who are not living at the time that the claim is made. I am afraid, as the hon. Member will see, the Admiralty have no choice in the matter. The gratuities and special pensions given to the relatives of the officers and men lost in the Doterel are quite separate from this question.