HC Deb 16 March 1882 vol 267 cc1019-20

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, If his attention has been drawn to the "Freeman's Journal" of the 14th instant, containing letters from Mr. Nicholas H. Devine, lately detained under the Coercion Act, and Mr. James O'Connell, at present detained under the said Act; and, whe- ther he regards these letters as presenting the kind of evidence invited by him, with a view to inquiry into the administration of the Coercion Act, so far as regards the prison treatment of "suspects?"


I will, with the permission of the House, answer this Question. I have seen the letters referred to, and they seem to me to afford further proof that the proper course to be taken by prisoners wishing to make complaints is to communicate with the Prison Board, who, of course, cannot examine grievances unless they are told them. If, however, the hon. Member will ask me definite Questions as to the facts alleged in these letters, and will give me time to make inquiries before replying, I shall be obliged to him.