HC Deb 16 March 1882 vol 267 c1004

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If he would have any objection to lay upon the Table Copies of the warrant under which Mr. Thomas Mahoney, Clerk of Union Castlecomer, was arrested on 15th December 1881; of the warrant given by the sub-inspector in Castlecomer to the constable who had charge of Mr. Mahoney from Ballyragget to Naas; of explanation why he was refused admission into Naas Gaol on his arrival there in charge of the Constabulary on the 16th December; of authority of the Constabulary authorities in Naas for detaining him in the police barrack there during the night of the 16th December, instead of being lodged in Naas Gaol as directed by warrant under which he was arrested; of Correspondence which took place between the Local Government Board and Mr. Mahoney on the subject of his arrest; of Correspondence between the Board of Guardians of Castlecomer Union and the Local Government Board, including resolutions in Mr. Mahoney's favour on the subject of his arrest; of Resolution of the Board of Guardians of the Athy Union of the 21st December last on the subject of his arrest; of Mr. Mahoney's letter of the 28th December, written to the Chief Secretary from Naas Prison; and, of the order for his release, dated 4th January 1882? The hon. Gentleman said, if the Chief Secretary had any objection to give some of these Returns, they should take those they had no objection to give.


, in reply, said, he had not yet received the full information that would enable him to answer the Question.


said, he would repeat it on Monday.