HC Deb 16 March 1882 vol 267 c1010

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Whether the continued postponement of the appointment of the Public Accounts Committee, and of the Sessional Committee, whose duty it is to assist Mr. Speaker in all matters relating to the Printing executed by Order of this House, and to select and arrange for Printing the Returns and Papers presented, in pursuance of Motions made by Members of this House, is in any way detrimental to the Public Service; and, if so, whether he will state to the House why he postpones from Tuesday to Tuesday the Motions which stand in his name in the Order Book for the appointment of those Committees, when no steps are taken by the Government to prevent constant counts-out on Tuesdays?


The postponement in the appointment of the two Committee referred to in the Question of my hon. Friend is of very serious inconvenience, more especially that of the Public Accounts Committee. After having proved by experience that it was useless to place the Motion for the appointment of these Committees on days on which the Orders of the Day have precedence of Motions, I came to the conclusion that my best chance of success was to place the Motions down for Tuesdays. Having been detained by business on Tuesday afternoon I was on my way to the House on Tuesday evening, when I found to my regret that it had been counted out. I only hope that I shall meet with better success next Tuesday.