HC Deb 10 March 1882 vol 267 cc588-9

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether his attention has been called to the complaints as to the condition of Richmond Park; whether it is the fact that the Park is in many parts covered with ant-hills and mole-heaps, and, in consequence of its being insufficiently drained, the turf has in many places become full of small bogs, especially in those parts frequented by riders; and, if so, whether he will take steps to have the Park put into a proper state; and, whether it is the fact that the proprietors of the private road in the Clarence Lane leading to Roehampton Gate has erected a barrier close outside that gate, and has fastened this barrier with a lock, to which only the proprietor's tenants are allowed to have a key; and whether, in that case, he will consider the propriety of closing altogether Roehampton Gate until such time as the public in general are allowed to use it?


With respect to the last part of my hon. Friend's Question, he has correctly stated the facts of the case. The owner of the private road leading to Roehampton Gate has for many years past barred the access of horses and vehicles to it by a gate. So long as this is the case Roehampton Gate cannot be used by the general public. The Gate is not under my jurisdiction; but I will consult with the Ranger as to the expediency of closing it entirely, so long as the owner of the laud prevents access to it. With respect to the first part of his Question. I have received no complaints of the condition of Richmond Park. The Park is, I am informed, thoroughly drained. Owing to the exceptionally open weather, there have been more mole hills than usual, and the ground is much cut by riders; but in the drier weather this is being now remedied.