HC Deb 10 March 1882 vol 267 c590

asked the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether it is true that the Cape Government is authorised to pay its levies against the Basuto people on confiscated lands and cattle; and, whether, considering such licence has tended to prolong the war as long as land and cattle remained to confiscate, he will authorise such payments?


Basutoland is an integral part of the Cape Colony, which possesses responsible Government, and it is for the Cape Parliament to provide the means of paying Cape levies. The hon. Member, perhaps, means to ask whether Her Majesty will be advised to exercise her prerogative by vetoing any Bill that may be passed by the Cape Parliament confiscating in any degree, and under whatever circumstances it may be passed, any lands held by any Basutos. The hon. Member will see, by referring to the Blue Book issued this week, that the Government can give no such pledge.