HC Deb 07 March 1882 vol 267 cc384-5

asked the Prime Minister when the Supplementary Navy Estimates would be taken?


said, he hoped to be able to state that on Friday.


asked if the right hon. Gentleman could tell the House on Friday whether he could make the annual Financial Statement before Easter; and, if so, on what day?


No, Sir; I am not at all sure that I should be able to state that on Friday. At the same time, my present impression is, that, viewing the fact that Easter comes upon the 9th of April, I am extremely doubtful whether I will be able to make the Financial Statement before then.


asked after what hour that evening the debate on the "House of Lords and the Land Act" would not be resumed?


It is most important for Public Business that the Irish debate should be brought to a close. Her Majesty's Government have not contributed, I hope, unreasonably in their own persons to its prolongation, and we are still inclined to act upon the principle of sparing the infliction of our own orations upon the House as far as we possibly can. We had hoped to save a fraction of time to-night for the purpose of that debate; but, in view of the fact that important questions have arisen, which have delayed till 8 o'clock the commencement of Public Business, and though, on the whole, most anxious to get forward with that debate, which I earnestly hope will close on Thursday night, I do not think it would be fair to hon. Gentlemen to keep them to-night upon so slender an expectation of getting time as we now entertain. Consequently, I would propose that the debate should not come on tonight.