HC Deb 30 June 1882 vol 271 cc925-6

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether Mr. Luke Armstrong, of Tubbercurry, county Sligo, has not been detained in prison for more than six months, under a warrant of the Lord Lieutenant, on the least of the charges dealt with by the Coercion Act, namely, inciting to intimidation; whether Mr. Armstrong belongs to the class of suspects "not believed to be personally associated with crime," whose release was declared by the Premier eight weeks ago to be an article of the policy of the Government; whether the Executive are aware that the imprisonment of Mr. Armstrong has left no one in charge of his business, in the town of Tubbercurry, but his only sister, a young girl, with the result that his lengthened absence has caused large and increasing injury to his interests and prospects; whether the landlords and tenants in the Tubbercurry district have arrived at friendly settlements of any differences between them; and, whether Mr. Armstrong will now be set at liberty?


Sir, Luke Armstrong was arrested on the 2nd of January last, and, therefore, has not yet been for six months in prison. He was arrested on reasonable suspicion of intimidation against the payment of rent. His case comes on for reconsideration on the 3rd proximo.