HC Deb 30 June 1882 vol 271 cc918-9

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether Mr. Patrick Neilon, of Gurlesmine, county Sligo, has been for several months, and is still in custody under the Coercion Act, on a charge of inciting to intimidation, and whether he is not one of the class of suspects referred to by the Prime Minister on the 2nd of May as not being suspected of personal association with crime; whether during the prolonged absence of Mr. Neilon from home, there being no one but his wife to direct the cultivation of his farm, a few days, while some workmen on the farm were moulding potatoes and sowing turf, Constable Warnock, of the Aclare Police Station, went to the wife of one of the labourers, Michael Freeman, and threatened to arrest him, and whether Constable Warnock and the sub-constables mounted a wall near Mr. Neilon's farm and scrutinised the workmen; and, whether there is any reason for the further detention of Mr. Patrick Neilon?


Sir, Mr. Patrick Neilon is still detained on reasonable suspicion of inciting persons not to pay rents. His Excellency had his case recently under consideration, and decided to detain the prisoner for the present. He is now about to consider the case again, with a view of determining whether there are any grounds for altering that decision. With regard to the remainder of the Question, I am informed that notices were posted up at Aclare on the 18th instant, calling on the people to assemble in their strength on the 20th to mould Neilon's potatoes, and cut his turf. Three members of the Constabulary attended, but did not interfere in any way with the workmen, nor did they threaten to arrest Freeman. They did rest on a wall at the place for some time.