HC Deb 26 June 1882 vol 271 c407

asked the First Commissioner of Works, What steps Her Majesty's Government have taken to carry out the unanimous resolution of the House that, pending the passage "of a general measure dealing with the ancient monuments of the kingdom," and in order, as far as possible, to protect them from further injury, it is desirable that Her Majesty's Government should appoint one or more inspectors with authority to inspect and report upon such ancient monuments?


Sir, I may point out to my hon. Friend that I have introduced a measure on the subject of ancient monuments, and that one part of it will authorize the Government to appoint Inspectors. As the measure in no way interferes with the rights of owners without their consent, I was in hopes that it would not meet with opposition; but the right hon. Member for Whitehaven (Mr. Bentinck) gave Notice of opposition before the Bill was in the hands of Members. I am not without hopes that when he has read the Bill he will withdraw his block.