HC Deb 23 June 1882 vol 271 cc205-6

asked the Postmaster General, Whether he will allow the daily weather forecasts issued by the Meteorological Office to be sent to, and exhibited at, every postal telegraph office throughout the agricultural districts for the benefit of farmers during the hay season and harvest?


This subject has already been brought under my notice by my hon. Friend the Member for Newark (Mr. Earp), and, according to a promise I gave at the end of last Session, I have very carefully looked into the matter to which the Question of the hon. Member refers. I regret that I do not see my way to accede to his request; because it appears that if the Government supplied telegrams gratuitously to those interested in agriculture, it would be impossible to refuse similar applications from those engaged in other trades. I believe that there would be little difficulty in securing the object desired. I understand that the Meteorological Office supplies the weather forecasts gratuitously to anyone who is willing to pay the expense of telegraphing them, which is very rarely more than 1s. If, therefore, the farmers in any district jointly subscribed, the expense to each would be very inconsiderable. The forecasts might be exhibited at the post office; and in the case of those farmers who resided within the area of free delivery, the messages could be delivered at the small extra cost of 3d. for each additional copy.