HC Deb 22 June 1882 vol 271 cc41-2

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether any of the suspects now in Kilmainham, or any other prisons in Ireland, are citizens of the United States; and, if so, whether the United States Government refuses to agree to their expulsion from Ireland as a condition of their release; and, whether he is aware of any reason why the Government of the United States should object to the proposal of Her Majesty's Government to expel from Ireland such American citizens as are suspected of treasonable practices there, although last year it ordered, at the request of the Porte, an American citizen, Mr. W. S. Stillman, correspondent of the "Times" at Crete, to "leave this island and never return to it," merely on the ground that his presence was a "cause of agitation" there?


I believe, Sir, that there are United States' citizens imprisoned in Ireland; but the previous Questions upon this subject have been addressed to the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant or to the Home Secretary, to whom I must refer the hon. Member. There is no information in the Foreign Office with regard to Mr. Stillman's expulsion from Crete. Almost all Foreign Powers, including Turkey, have the power to expel aliens.