HC Deb 19 June 1882 vol 270 cc1583-4

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether Mr. H. A. Blake, R.M. is the same person as the Mr. Blake, who was charged with taking forcible possession of a house at Carrigbarahane; whether Mr. Blake was summoned to the Petty Sessions at Stradbally therefor; whether it was alleged that a revolver was presented at the caretaker; and that he was also assaulted; if a copy of the evidence taken at the time can be laid before the House; and, whether Mr. Blake will have any special powers under the Crime Bill?


Sir, the matter to which the hon. Member refers related to a private and family affair, and is such as most certainly does not call for the cognizance of the House. I have frequently, in the course of the debates, stated the position which special Resident Magistrates will hold under the Prevention of Crime Bill. They will not have judicial authority.


asked the right hon. Gentleman, If proceedings between landlord and tenant could be of a private character; and, whether a man who took forcible possession in the way indicated, and who presented a revolver at the head of the caretaker, was a proper person to occupy the position of Resident Magistrate under the Bill?


in reply, said, he would not enter into the question as to whether Mr. Blake did or did not take possession in the manner stated, and would merely state to the House that the circumstances of the case were not of a nature, as he thought the House would acknowledge, of which they could take cognizance.


said, he had received a letter from Mr. Blake, giving a total denial to the circumstance, as stated by the hon. Member, of the use of a revolver.