HC Deb 16 June 1882 vol 270 c1402

asked the President of the Local Government Board, What has been done in fulfilment of his promise to provide a public supply of calf lymph for the vaccination of those who preferred it; if he would state at what date the Government calf lymph establishment was opened; how many points and tubes of preserved lymph have been distributed from it; what arrangements have been made for its distribution to public vaccinators and medical practitioners; what arrangements, if any, have been made for calf-to-arm vaccination at a public station or stations; and, how many children have been vaccinated by public vaccinators direct from calf to arm?


A permanent vaccine station has been established at Lamb's Conduit Street, under the management of Dr. Cory, providing regular calf-to-arm vaccination, and giving opportunity for the vaccination of children direct from the calf twice a-week. In the first instance great difficulties were experienced in obtaining suitable premises; but temporary accommodation was obtained at Notting Hill, and lymph began to be distributed last summer from calves vaccinated there. Since July last lymph has been obtained to the amount of 2,106 points and 78 tubes, of which 1,672 points and 51 tubes have been distributed. It is supplied to public vaccinators, and to other registered medical practitioners on application, free of charge. Since the Lamb's Conduit Street station was opened in March, 37 children have been vaccinated there direct from the calf.