HC Deb 15 June 1882 vol 270 cc1274-5

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether, in view of the large increase in the number of evictions in Ireland, he will take immediate steps to introduce a Bill temporarily to stop evictions, or will give special facilities for the discussion of the Bill of the honourable and gallant Member for Galway?


Sir, I may, perhaps, remind the hon. Member that to expedite our proceedings is the only manner in which we can possibly act in a beneficial way in this question. With that view, it is the intention of the Government, in consequence of the experience we have had, to ask the House to hold a Morning Sitting to-morrow, and on Fridays, during the present pressure of Business. When that is over we shall see how we stand. Moreover, it is my intention to move to-morrow—which I may as well mention publicly now—that the Arrears (Ireland) Bill do take precedence on all days when it is set down for discussion of all other Orders of the Day and Notices of Motion except the Prevention of Crime (Ireland) Bill.


When that Motion is made, I shall ask the Government for some general account of what Business they intend to take besides that.


I beg to give Notice that, when the right hon. Gentleman makes that Motion, I shall ask the Government to give facilities for the discussion of the Agricultural Tenants' Compensation Bill this Session, as that measure is awaited with so much anxiety by great numbers of farmers.