HC Deb 09 June 1882 vol 270 c665

asked the hon. Member for Glasgow, Whether he intended to proceed with his Notice of Motion relating to the Affairs of Malta, and whether he had any expectation of bringing it forward? He had received many communications from Malta on the subject, and he would be glad to have the terms of his hon. Friend's Notice of Motion.


said, it would require a very sanguine temperament to believe that the House would get through Committee on the Prevention of Crime Bill by Friday next, which was the day he had secured for bringing on his Motion. He intended to bring it on, if he had the opportunity, the terms of the Motion being— That it is the opinion of this House that the long tried loyalty of the people of Malta to British rule deserves more consideration than it has received; that the several reports of Mr. Rowsell, Sir Penrose Julyan, and Mr. Keenan, as well as the numerously signed Petitions of the people, prove that great changes in the civil administration of the island are urgently required, and that Her Majesty's Government ought to be doing more than they have been doing to carry out the needed reforms, and so to promote the prosperity and secure the contentment of the Maltese people.