HC Deb 06 June 1882 vol 270 c224

— PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—First

Reading —Com Returns* [193]; Settlement and Removal Law Amendment* [194]. First Heading — Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation (London)* [195]; Elementary Education Provisional Orders Confirmation (West Ham, &c.)*[196].

Second Reading —Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Order (No. 4)*[173]; Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Order (No. 5)* [175]; Vagrancy [62].

Referred to Select Committee — Settled Land [120].

Committee —Prevention of Crime (Ireland) [157] —R.P. [Fifth Night].

Report —Tramways Provisional Order* [141]; Tramways Provisional Order (No. 2)*[149].

Considered as amended —Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 3)* [152]; Pier and Harbour Provisional Orders (No. 2)*[150].

Third Reading —Local Government Provisional Orders (Artizans' and Labourers' Dwellings)*[162]; Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (Ballymena, &c.)*[155], and passed.

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