HC Deb 01 June 1882 vol 269 cc1789-90

wished to ask the Prime Minister, Whether, having regard to the simple character of the Arrears Bill, and the certainty that its postponement would lead to a great number of evictions, he would consider the propriety of taking one or two Saturday Sittings for the purpose of disposing of it?


It is hardly open to me to entertain that proposal. I very distinctly announced the course of Public Business, and there has been a general acquiescence in the proposed method of procedure. I am bound to say that I entertain a full confidence that in no quarter of the House will there be any disposition to discuss either of the Irish Bills except in a thoroughly practical manner. The Bill relating to crime, although it embraces a considerable number of points, does not involve any question of great intricacy requiring prolonged discussion. We shall do our best to forward it, in order that the Arrears Bill may be considered as soon as possible. But it is hardly in our option, after the declaration already made, to entertain the proposal.


wished to ask the Prime Minister, Whether he would consider the advisability of making the Arrears of Rent Bill applicable to tenants whose equity of redemption had expired since the date of the Bill? If the right hon. Gentleman did not make the Bill applicable to those persons, he (Mr. Healy) would move an Amendment to that effect.


This is a subject of great difficulty, upon which, at present, I do not see my way.