HC Deb 24 July 1882 vol 272 cc1572-3

Question again proposed, That, until the end of August, Orders of the Day have precedence of Notices of Motions on Tuesday, and that Government Orders have priority; and that Government Orders have priority on Wednesday."—(Mr. Gladstone.)


said, that he was in possession of the House when the Prime Minister, a short time ago, rose and interrupted the proceedings, and prevented him concluding his protest against the taking away of private Members' days. In view of the uncalled-for attacks on the Land Act in "another place," and of the Motion of which Lord Brabourne had given Notice, in view, also, of the questions asked in this House in the landed interest, with the object of putting forward opinions hostile to the Land Act, he wished to know from the Government whether an opportunity would be altogether denied the Irish Members of stating the tenants' view of the Land Act? The territorialists possessed great power in that House, and uncontrolled power in "another place;" and the effect of taking away private Members' days, and giving no oppor- tunity to hon. Gentlemen representing the tenants of counteracting these attacks, would be that the Land Commissioners would be intimidated into making their decisions, not in accordance with the evidence, but in accordance with the opinions put forward in Parliament by certain distinguished persons. They were told that respect for the law ought to prevail in Ireland, yet hon. Gentlemen representing the landlords were allowed to speak of the Sub-Commissioners in that House as "confiscators." If hon. Gentlemen representing tenants were given the opportunity they would be able to show that the Sub-Commissioners did not deserve the names given them by the landlord party. [Cries of "Order!" and "Name, Name!"]


It must be quite plain to the hon. Member that he cannot, upon a Motion like this, challenge the conduct of the Land Commissioners.


I think I may say, without venturing to dispute your authority, that I was doing nothing of the kind. [Cries of "Name!"]


If the hon. Member will not pay attention to my direction I shall have no alternative but to adopt a decided course.


desired to repeat, with all respect, that he was doing nothing of the kind. [Cries of "Name!"] He was only pointing out what the effect would be if the Land Commission could be assailed as it had been, and private Members were deprived of the opportunity of vindicating it. If their time were annexed by the Government they would be compelled to take up time intended for Committee of Supply.


said, the Corrupt Practices Bill contained a great deal of good matter, and it would require a considerable time to discuss it. With 150 Votes in Supply to be taken, with debates on Egypt, and a great number of other matters to be disposed of, it was impossible that adequate time could be devoted in the next three weeks to the consideration of the Corrupt Practices Bill; and, therefore, he hoped it would not be persevered with.


gave Notice that he would call attention to the question as to which he had appealed to the Prime Minister on going into Committee of Supply.

Question put, and agreed to.