HC Deb 24 July 1882 vol 272 cc1536-7

asked Mr. Attorney General, Whether he is aware that attempts are being made to induce the Trustees of the Parochial Charities of the City of London to make grants from the charity funds held by them to defray the expenses of a Private Bill brought in in opposition to a Public Bill which has been approved by a Select Committee of this House; whether he is aware that the Charity Commissioners have already expressed their disapproval of such an application of charitable funds; and whether he will be prepared, if any trustees should be certified to him by the Charity Commissioners as having committed a breach of trust by so applying charitable funds, without any statutable authority for doing so, to proceed against such trustees by filing an information in the usual way?


, in reply, said, he had no official knowledge of the circumstances, and he did not know what steps the Charity Commissioners would take in the matter. He could not pledge himself to the adoption of any particular course, but he would receive with careful attention any recommendations made to him. He might, however, mention that Lord Eldon had given a decision to the effect that such payments as those referred to in the Question ought not to be made out of charitable funds.