HC Deb 18 July 1882 vol 272 c892

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether William Russell is still detained in custody at Kilkenny on the charge of intimidation, under warrant of the Lord Lieutenant, although the state of his native district is orderly and peaceful, and though all the other suspects from Tipperary have been released; whether Arthur Moloney, arrested on the 3rd of January last, is still detained in custody; whether he is the only suspect from the county of Kildare who has not been set at liberty; whether, considering that he is only charged with inciting to intimidation, and that his district is quite peaceful, there exists any special reason in the case for his continued detention; whether Patrick Neilan, of Gurtermone, county Sligo, and James M'Donagh, of Geevah, county Sligo, have now been several months in prison on suspicion of inciting to intimidation; whether the other suspects from that county have been released, and their families are in need of their help for harvest work; and, whether, in compliance with the assurances given by the First Lord of the Treasury upon the 2nd of May, the Government will now release them?


, in reply, said, the Lord Lieutenant was still continuing his inquiries with reference to William Russell. As to the prisoner Neilan, he had been released; and M'Donagh he could not decide to release at present.