HC Deb 07 July 1882 vol 271 c1778

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has received an application for release on parole from Mr. Martin King, a suspect imprisoned in Ennis-killen Gaol; and, whether, having in view that Mr. King's father, who is 89 years of age, is on his deathbed, His Excellency will consider favourably Mr. King's application?


Yes, Sir; His Excellency did receive an application for release on parole from Martin King, now a prisoner under the Protection of Person and Property Act. The applicant represented that his father was on his death-bed, and had no one to look after him. His Excellency directed special inquiry to be made; and the local Constabulary, who personally visited the old man, found him in his usual good health. He has not been ill lately, and I am glad to say that his daughter-in-law is living in the house with him. Martin King is in detention on suspicion of inciting to murder, and His Excellency is unable to order his release.