HC Deb 07 July 1882 vol 271 c1785

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether there is truth in the report that the feather bonnet is to be discontinued in the head-dress of Highland regiments?


Sir, the hon. Baronet will, I hope, excuse my saying that at the present juncture I hardly think the House will care to discuss a question of this nature. But as he has thought it his duty to ask it at only a few hours' Notice, I will tell him the facts. There have been for some time discussions as to the suitability of the present heavy and costly bonnet of the Highland regiments; and, after many complaints, the Duke of Cambridge appointed a Committee of Scotch officers to consider the question. They have not yet reported; but when their Report reaches me the hon. Baronet may be assured that I will give it my most earnest consideration, and, if he will meanwhile call on the Adjutant General, we shall be very glad to have his opinion on the subject.