HC Deb 06 July 1882 vol 271 c1592

WAYS AND MEANS—considered in Committee—Coffee or Chicory.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in CommitteeOrderedFirst ReadingBeer Dealers' Retail Licences Act (1880) Amendment* [229].

OrderedFirst Reading—Friendly Societies (Quinquennial Returns)* [228].

Second Reading—Election of Representative Peers (Ireland)* [215].

Referred to Select Committee—Agricultural Tenants' Compensation (No. 2) [80].

Committee—Arrears of Rent (Ireland) (re-comm.) [223]—R. P.; Settled Land (re-comm.)* [223]—R. P.

CommitteeReportConsidered as amendedThird Reading—Public Offices Site [221], and passed.

Third Reading—Bills of Exchange* [211], and passed.