HC Deb 05 July 1882 vol 271 cc1512-3

I wish to put a Question to you, Sir, upon a point of Order. Yesterday you laid upon the Table certain Rules which had been framed in accordance with the Resolution of the House, that the state of Public Business was Urgent. What I wish to know is, whether, until the counter-statement has been made that the state of Public Business is no longer Urgent, the Rules of Urgency will still be in operation?


If, in the course of my duty, I should think it right to state, in pursuance of the Resolution, that the state of Public Business is no longer Urgent, then those Rules will cease to take effect.


It is not quite clear; but I apprehend that the Rules of Urgency only apply to the particular days on which the Bill with regard to which the Resolution was passed is down for consideration.


The right hon. Gentleman has correctly stated the effect of the Rules. At the same time, I think it right to state that the House has committed to me very large powers in order to advance the Bill declared Urgent; and that if these Rules now laid upon the Table are not sufficient for the purpose, my power to frame further Rules is by no means exhausted.


There is some misunderstanding. Sir, as to the application of the Rules of Urgency. Some hon. Gentlemen do not seem to know whether it applies to the Prevention of Crime Bill only, or to the general proceedings of the House. With the view of giving point to my inquiry, may I ask whether, if any hon. Member moved the adjournment of the House to elicit information with respect to Egypt, he would be permitted to do so? Under Urgency they could not do so; but would they be able to do so under the present Rules?


I can only say that, no doubt, it would be open to any hon. Member on this day to move the adjournment of the House, because the Bill for which Urgency has been voted does not appear in the Orders of the Day. I should not, therefore, feel justified in resisting a Motion of that kind, unless it appeared to me to be made for the purpose of stopping the Bill which the House has declared Urgent.