HC Deb 28 February 1882 vol 266 cc1834-5

asked the Postmaster General, Whether, in applying his recent scheme for improving the position of the telegraph clerks, he is aware that an undue proportion (75 per cent.) of the superior appointments have been given to postal clerks of limited service, while telegraph clerks of fifteen and twenty years' service have been passed over; whether he will endeavour to allay the dissatisfaction which such alleged partiality has occasioned; and, if the delay in applying the scheme to Bristol and Plymouth cannot be shortened?


In reply to my hon. Friend, I have to state that when the scheme which was sanctioned last year for improving the position of the postal clerks and telegraphists with regard to pay and promotion came into operation, it was necessary to introduce a new classification into every post - office in the United Kingdom where an established force was employed. This has necessarily been a work of much difficulty and complexity. Many hundreds, I may say thousands, of promotions have had to be considered; and I can with confidence assert that there has been no intention whatever of doing the slightest injustice to the telegraphists, but that in every instance the claims arising from seniority and fitness have been most carefully weighed. With regard to the latter part of the Question, I may say that the scheme for the new classification of the Plymouth Post Office has been already sanctioned, and the scheme for Bristol will be in the course of a few days.