HC Deb 10 February 1882 vol 266 c473

said, with reference to the Motion he was about to make, it was a matter of common knowledge that, especially during the last 12 months, serious conflicts had taken place in Ireland between the people and the Constabulary, which had resulted in the deaths of many persons. One of these, in which two men had been killed by the police, had occurred in his own county. He was not aware whether in any of these cases steps had been taken to put upon their trial those members of the Police Force against whom coroners' juries had returned verdicts of wilful murder or manslaughter; but as these encounters would be made a matter of free inquiry during the present Session, he thought it would facilitate debate if Her Majesty's Government would consent to state the facts.

Motion made, and Question proposed, That a Return be made of Particulars of the Cases in which, since the present Government took Office, Coroners' Juries in Ireland have returned verdicts of wilful murder or manslaughter against members of the Constabulary Force or other agents of the Executive, such Return to set forth what steps, if any, have been taken by the Executive in any of those cases to put the persons affected by the verdicts in question on their trial."—(Mr. Sexton.)


said, with reference to the particular case mentioned by the hon. Member for Sligo (Mr. Sexton), he had taken steps to quash the proceedings. In the other case, in which a coroner's verdict had been returned against a member of the Constabulary Force, he believed a bill had been sent up, and that it was ignored by the Grand Jury.

Question put, and agreed to.