HC Deb 10 February 1882 vol 266 cc382-3

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Is he aware that Mr. George Bomford, one of the Sub-Commissioners for County Cavan, is a near relative of several large landowners in the county, and has been a land agent in it; and, whether he would exchange him to some other district?

MR. W. E. FORSTER, in reply, said, that, although responsible for their appointment, neither he nor the Government was responsible for the allotment of dis- tricts to the Sub-Commissioners, it being made by the Chief Commissioners. At the time of the appointment he was not aware that Mr. Bomford was a land agent in Cavan, or that he was in any way connected with landowners in that county; though, if he had been, it would not have prevented his appointment. It was understood by the gentlemen who were appointed that if they had any connection with landlords or land agencies they should sever it immediately upon their appointment. Quite irrespective of this case, he had expressed his opinion that no Sub-Commissioner ought to be interested in the district in which he was acting; and he had no doubt that the Commissioners would thoroughly re-consider that point in the re-distribution of the districts which, he supposed, would soon take place.